School History

The Beginning

The Head Coach of SCWA is Chris (Huy) Ho. He was taught by Roger Tung of the Shanghai Wushu Team and became the president of National Chinese Wushu Association and founder of the Los Angeles Wushu Team in the early 1980s. Coach Chris Ho was a member of the Los Angeles Wushu Team along with Keith Hirabayashi, Robin Shou, Ming Chi (Helen Tsao), Cynthia Rothrock, Kathy and Suzie Hasegawa among others. In June of 1985, Coach Chris Ho along with Keith Hirabayashi made the US Wushu Team, but due to miscommunication at the office of the Chinese Consulate, 2 separate US teams were selected by 2 different Chinese Ambassadors to the United States to go to the World Wushu Invitational in Xian that year and Roger Tung opted not to send his team having them train in Shanghai instead. It was not dissimilar to the current political problems that plague the USAWKF resulting in the two 2001 US Wushu Teams. After training in Nanjing, China with the Jiangsu Wushu Team Coach Chris retired from active competition.

                                                      Roger Tung                                                             Chris Ho

The academy has its origins in 1995 when Coach Chris Ho founded the Southern California Wushu Association by opening a school in Westminster and after trying a variety of different locations in the Westminster area settled in 1997 at the current location on Westminster Avenue in Garden Grove.

Among the many students Coach Chris taught in the early years, the 6 oldest and most prominent students formed the core of the first Southern California Wushu Team. Their friends in the wushu community knew Jason Nguyen, Tri Nguyen, Lam Nguyen, Matt Nguyen, Thanh Nguyen and Huy Nguyen as the “Little Saigon Team”, the “Blue Team” and the “Nguyen family”. Each of these team members (called First Generation by later students) competed from 1995-2000 and won championships and grand championships at regional and national competitions on both the USAWKF and NASKA circuit culminating when Tri Nguyen made the US National Wushu Team in 1997 and 1999 representing the nation at the World Wushu Competitions in Rome and Hong Kong. By 2000, the old team had moved on and while they still train or drop by as time allows they have retired from active competition while new people train to represent the school and the Second Generation SCWA Team is in progress.