What is Wushu?

Wushu is the national sport of China and is being proposed as the new olympic sport for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. It is a modern synthesis of the traditional Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Opera and Gymnastic routines.

There are many different styles and forms in Wushu, but the main empty hand events are; Long Fist which is composed of 5 classical northern styles, Southern Fist which is derived from 5 traditional southern styles and Taijiquan which is the combination of the 4 main braches of Tai Chi.

In addition to the main styles, there a wide array of other hand forms including imitative(ie. Drunken, Monkey & Eagle) internal (Baguazhang, Xingyiquan & Bajiquan and northern styles(Fanziquan, Tongbeiquan & Piguaquan).

Weaponsplay in a part of Wushu with the primary weapons being the Broadsword, Straightsword, Staff and Spear with variants of the staff and broadsword for Southern Fist and a straightsword variant for Taiji. In addition there are a variety of other weapons which include paired weapons(ie. double broadswords), flexible weapons(ie. nine section whip) and more.